Our Story

Our Mission
Providing Incredible Specimens to Everyone!

We are family-owned and operated with over 25 years of industry experience. We thrive on offering our customers unique, unusual, and high-quality specimens. As collectors and enthusiasts, we have a deep love and passion for what we do. We are grateful to be a part of the exciting journey of building your personal collection!

Where We Began

It all started in 1986

John Fasana, co-founder of Fasanarock, was introduced to the world of rocks and minerals by his grandfather Lloyd and Aunt Dorothy when he was a child. They instilled in him a fascination and love for these wonderful geological creations. For years, it remained a love and fascination.

Learning from the best

It wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he joined a local lapidary club and learned the arts of cutting, polishing, and carving rocks. Years later, he had an opportunity to work for a reputable mineral dealer, Rock H. Currier. Mr. Currier, as well as, Keith Harshbarger, legendary pioneers in the mineral business, generously taught John everything they knew about minerals. After years of working in the business, he has gained a wealth of knowledge about rocks and minerals, as well as, the inner workings of the industry.

While John worked for Jewel tunnel, he began his Fasanarock journey on eBay in the year 2000. He was raising a family of four and developed his love for selling to a broader target audience through eBay while taking photos of minerals in his spare time.

Pivitol Milestone

Opened our doors in 2016

Fast forward to the year 2016, his children were all grown up and the decision was made to open a brick and mortar retail shop in the quaint town of Monrovia, CA.

We knew there was more to this journey

John’s wife Christina and his daughter Alyssa all became fully involved in turning the gears of Fasanarock. In 2016 we started our Instagram which sent shockwaves through the platform and quickly gained momentum from the wide variety of crystals being shown and offered for sale. With the high demand for the crystals we were sharing, we decided to start doing interactive live stream sales on Instagram. This catapulted us into the eyes of collectors from all over the world, on 6 continents. Six years later we decided to close our brick and mortar shop, and showcase our crystals through our website and on Instagram.

Passing the Knowledge

A Promise Kept

Many years ago John Fasana made a promise to Keith Harshbarger on his last day of work and first day of retirement. John thanked Keith for all he taught him, and Keith asked for one and only condition. He asked John to pass his knowledge along, and that’s what he intended to do.

Where We Are Today

John has been teaching and training his daughter Alyssa Fasana from a very young age. We operate everyday as colleagues, but first family. Alyssa receives top tier training and consulting, all passed on from the mineral legends who came before. To say we are grateful is an understatement for all the support and appreciation we are given in finding the very best to fit all budgets.

With two operating Instagram accounts and our website shopping experience, we hope to be able to accommodate all shopping preferences. These days we are a four-person team operating accounting, shipping, selling, and processing. We can be reached very easily through email and Instagram and look forward to connecting with you!

We are so thankful

to our loyal customers

We would like to sincerely thank our loyal customers for your love and ongoing support. We would not be where we are today without you!